About Ersin Alok

1937 – Born August 18, 1937.

1950 – First step into art was drawing and painting.

1951 – Received his first camera as a present from his father. The first photograph he took was “a young girl and a boy kissing each other in a park”; started hiking and mountain climbing in the same year.

1953 – Started alpinism in the age of sixteen and opened his first exhibition with his paintings; had 189 climbs in Turkey.

1955 – Started deep sea diving and underwater photography around the world. He was one of the first Turkish divers in the Red Sea. He exhibited and lectured on deep sea diving and photography.

1960 – Graduated from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Literature.

1963 – Graduated from the Department of Business and Journalism, I.T.I. Academy.

1966 – Made pioneering studies and photographic documents on National Parks.

1967 – Resigned from his job at the Lape Hospital and started his career in professional photography.

1968-1970 – He was granted First Prize in photography in V. Paris Biennale with his work “Absurd”, and later in Rome, Brussels, Sofia, Warsaw and Berkley, USA. Established the first databank of  slides, a collection and archive of five million slides.

1972 – His first documentary film was İshakpaşa Palace. Some of his documentary films realized on 35/16 mm are ;

         -  1973: Rock Surface Drawings

         -  1979: Zoma I and Zoma II

         -  1980: Bird People of Turkey

         -  1981: Desert Wind in Sahara

Total of 43 documentary films.

1978- He participated in founding the Institute of Photography for Mimar Sinan University.

1986- He was the first Turkish photographer who took a one piece 360 panoramic photograph.

1989- He opened 200 national and 43 international personal exhibitions. With three professional artists held a panoramic triangular exhibition titled ‘The Nature’. The World Photography Association granted him the right to represent Asia.


1992 – Published “Anatolian Synagogues”, the first book published about Anatolian synagogues.

Academy Editions in London published his book titled “Hellenistic Architecture in Asia Minor” with James Steel.

1996 - Explored on prehistory and anthropology in different parts of the world except New Zealand and the South Pole and lectured on his findings. His explorations on the Amazons gave him the chance to make photographic studies on the integration of natural life and animal species.

1998- Founded the Video, Beta-Com studios for industrial and anthropological studies; started a film company with Ömer Kavur and Canan Gerede.

Published a book titled “Melting Pot of Civilizations”. The photographic techniques and technology used in this book are in line with new contemporary trends.

1999 – He did research in Seville, Spain on South African Rock Paintings and lectured nationally and internationally on the subject; made two publications, one including psychoanalyses of the paintings, the first in this context. Rock Surface Drawings discovered by Ersin Alok exceeds 10 000 in number.

1999 – He did research in Hindu and Buddhist temples and the Himalayas on subjects “sharing life and sexual behavior”.

2000-2014 – Founded a special archive with his studies on sound recording.

- He set up a plant, equipment and programs for digital and color photography, original coloring and color coordination for printing. He tried new techniques in archeological and architectural photographing and in color photography, i.e. intensifying the blue.

-  He did extensive work on “Industrial Photography” and produced display and marketing material for companies, i.e. pamphlets, booklets, posters, books.

2014-2017 –

-   Opened three exhibitions titled “Gala Swamp’’, “Positional Situ’’,  “Industry in Turkey, Past and Present, A Photographic Survey”.

-    A photographic book project on Anatolian Cultural Roots is continued.

-   ‘Looking for Light in Nalçık’’, another book project is going on. 


Ersin Alok,  Researcher, Photographer, Journalist, Alpinist and Deep Sea Diver with prehistorian interests continues to work at his “Ersin Alok, a Photography and Film Studio”.